CHAC offers both site based and online homebuyer education which provides an overview of the home buying and mortgage process. We also provide individual counseling sessions for clients looking to buy, as well as those experiencing problems with their mortgage or thinking about a refinance, home equity loan or other housing issues. Lenders can attend our Lender Training Session held monthly to provide them with the information they need to assist their clients with our program. Please call to register. Learn more about what CHAC has to offer, or register for a class through calling 303-572-9445 x10, or emailing

If you are taking an online class a follow up phone session is required.  The phone session must be scheduled after you have completed the class and these sessions fill up quickly.  This session lasts for approximately 1/2 hour.  There is one class each day held at different times each day. Please be sure to allow sufficient time to complete the course work, call to register, and complete the phone session in order to obtain your class certificate before you are scheduled to close.  Once you have completed the online work, please call 303-572-9445 to register for the phone session.  You will receive a verification e-mail once you are registered that provides the call in number and verification code.