First Time Home Buyer Class – Site Based

This is a general overview of the ENTIRE home buying/mortgage process: Includes information about selecting a property, working with a real estate professional, finding and choosing a lender, different types of mortgage products, mortgage qualifications, assistance programs and what to expect after closing.

The class is generally 4 to 6 hours at various locations throughout the metro Denver area and is free.

Attendees will receive a Certificate after the class. This class is approved by CHFA (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority), the Metro Mayors Mortgage Program, the Mortgage Credit Certificate programs, Wells Fargo, other lender programs. It is also approved by many downpayment assistance programs- including CHAC (check with the specific program you are planning to use).

Class Schedule & Registration

First Time Home Buyer Class – Online

There is a fee for this self paced, internet based class. $99 for an individual and $49 for the co-borrower. Confirm with your lender and/or downpayment assistance provider that the online first time home buyer class is acceptable for their specific requirements. Following completion of the online curriculum, you will need to participate in a phone counseling session with a CHAC counselor. Please note that phone counseling sessions are only available at certain times and they may not be available immediately. Please call CHAC at 303-572-9445 x10 to schedule a phone counseling session as soon as you complete the online course. Following that session your Certificate of Completion will be issued by CHAC. The online session is available in Spanish but the phone counseling session is only available in English at this time.

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