CHAC provides low interest, flexible loans to low and moderate (80% AMI) income first time home buyers for down payment and closing cost assistance throughout Colorado. The loan is recorded as a second mortgage, (lien), on the property being purchased. All of the loans require repayments, usually monthly, although the start date of those payments may vary. All borrowers are required to have a minimum contribution to the transaction, $1,000. That cannot be a gift. (Minimum for the disability program is $750.00) Other exceptions may apply.

General Information

The first mortgage lender will submit the application on the borrower’s behalf, after a property is under contract and the first mortgage product type selected. Specific rules of the first mortgage may affect the amount and terms of the CHAC assistance available to you.

As the buyer, you must attend a site based CHFA/CHAC approved first time home buyer class, before your lender submits your application to us.

Once the CHAC loan is committed, the buyer will be required to sign certain legal disclosures and attend a CHAC borrower counseling session. (Buyers outside the metro area can complete this requirement by phone)

The CHAC loan will close in conjunction with the real estate and first mortgage closing.

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